Lamp Processor

Lamp Processing

Flexible & Efficient
Crush & Separation

MRTs’ line of Lamp Processors (LP), offers a variety of lamp recycling equipment for all types and sizes of spent fluorescent lamps from the market. The product range offers plants for small to large capacity requirements, and for treatment of straight tube lamps, CFLs, and pre-crushed lamps. All our lamp processors are stand-alone, cost-efficient processing tools suitable for both recyclers and lamp manufacturers.

Our Lamp Processors crushes, sieves and separates all crucial components in a lamp. The mercury bearing fluorescent powder, the glass fraction and the lamp socket material are all isolated and collected in suitable vessels. The most common types of fluorescent lamps from the market can be processed, in addition to pre-crushed lamp material.  With additional processing steps supplied as optional equipment; plastic and metals, including the ferro-metals and aluminium, can all be differentiated.