HID Processors

HID Separation

Compact and User-friendly

MRTs’ HID Processor is designed for safe disassembly of waste High Intensity Discharge (HID) lamps of various types and sizes. The machine separates the lamp into bulb glass, quartz glass, inner metals and sockets. It is equipped with filters for dust, and mercury removal from the processing air

The HID Processor is mainly used as an integrated part of a complete lamp recycling system. The burner/arc-tube, placed inside the bulb, contains liquid mercury, and the main purpose of the HID processor is to isolate this part. After the burner/arc-tube has been crushed, the mercury is released, and the material should then be distilled in a batch process distiller (BPD) in order to recover the mercury content.

The processor also accomplishes volume reduction of the lamps since the largest component is a glass bulb. The bulb is crushed, and the glass crush is collected in a drum or big bag. Hence the volume of the lamps is heavily reduced.