Batch Process Distiller

Mercury Retorts / Distillers

Extremely Accurate Mercury Removal

MRTs’ distillers, incorporate all our outstanding experience with distillation technology. Our patented distillers have been on the market for more that 30 years, and the technology behind them embraces all our expertise about mercury recovery.

An MRT distiller is recommended for any recycler who needs a complete in-house recycling system for mercury containing products. We can provide both batch, and continuous process distillers

The Batch distiller, is an extremely efficient and reliable retort for processing waste with high mercury concentration. The waste material is heat treated through a fully automatic and accurate process. The heat treatment causes the mercury to vaporize. The gaseous material is then condensed into free floating liquid mercury.

MRTs’ batch distillers can be modularized to include several or larger heat chambers, thereby meeting the highest demands for economical capacity, efficiency and performance.

A continuous process distiller is suitable for large scale processing of e.g. crushed glass, soil, sludge, mining residues and catalyst material. The machine is equipped with a hopper system for continuous feeding and is able to process large volumes of waste during 24 hour/day operation.