Customer Testimonials

Customer Testimonials

What Our Clients Say…

“Government approval to install and operate the equipment was not a problem due to the MRT reputation and proven track record in other parts of the world”.

Karsten Larsen, CMA EcoCycle, Australia

“We believe in the MRT technology, that’s why we use it. People have tried to copy it, unsuccessfully. There are others that manufacture equipment, but clearly MRT is the leader in producing the best equipment, high technology”.

Stephen Anastos, Global Recycling Technologies, USA

“Our concern was not only to meet the governmental requirements but also to eliminate future mercury exposure. That’s why we decided to go with a system where we could treat our lamp production waste in-house”.

Reynald J Bienvenue, Osram Sylvania, USA

”Purity of the glass is very important to Philips, we have therefore invested in the end cut technology”.

Zenon Koplin, Philips Lighting,Poland

“The ECM and distiller not only express its high percentage of good performance in waste treatment/recycling but also meet Taiwan’s stringent pollution prevention regulation”.

Akela Cheng, Chung Tai Resource Technology, Taiwan

“As far as I know, the MRT end cut technology is the best in the world. MRT has an extensive and deep experience which is very important for us!

Mr. Tatsu Arai , Project Manager, Kobelco Eco-Systems Co. Ltd., Japan

“The technical support (telephone and e-mail) is very good and we received quick answers to our problems all the time. In this way we could solve them in very short time.”

Gheorghe Popescu, S.C Greenlamp Reciclare S.A, Romania